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spiritual mediumship

I have been studying and practicing as a spiritual life coach, intuitive energy healer, and spiritual medium for almost ten years. 

As a spiritual medium, I work as an intuitive light channel between the spirit world and the earth realm relaying messages, wisdom, guidance, and insight from your angels, guides, and loved ones who’ve passed on.

My purpose is to help you know that this sacred connection exists. And if interested, how you can learn to have a safe, spiritual relationship with your loved ones, angels, and guides for yourself.



“Your loved ones are closer than you think.”

How to book a private session with me

If you’re interested in booking a private session with me.

I invite you to schedule a 10–15 min complimentary consultation today.

During your consultation we’ll discuss; 

  • The main reason(s) you’re interested in a session
  • What you can expect
  • The cost for a 60-75 min session
  • And any questions or concerns you have.

Then if we both feel like we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll schedule your appointment and discuss any further details you’ll need to know before we meet in person or online.


Let’s Connect