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to serve and teach over one million individuals how to awaken spiritually from the inside out so they can live empowered lives manifesting miracles, joy, and abundance.

“Angie is an angel in my life and I’m so grateful for everything she teaches me.”

-Elise’ Allred

Welcome, I am so excited you are here!

My name is Angie Wheeler and I want to share with you two of my greatest passions, self-development, and spiritual enlightenment. Whether it’s clearing your limiting beliefs, connecting to your divine self, understanding the laws of the Universe, or manifesting your dreams.

My work is devoted to helping you.

A little about me and my journey.

For as long as I remember, I’ve been extremely interested in human behavior and self-development.  At a young age, I would catch myself staring at random people, and genuinely want to know why some people looked happy, successful, and fulfilled, and why others seemed incomplete, sad, and broke.

I grew up near SLC, Utah, and I am a middle child of six kids.  My parents were high school sweethearts and raised us in a hundred-year-old historic house with a carpet store in the front.  My family comes from hard-working, Christian roots, but like most families, we have our own problems and special kind of dysfunction.

In my formative years, I struggled with the idea that I wasn’t good enough. Despite being a typical kid in many ways, I had distorted body image issues as well as a belief that I wasn’t as intelligent as other kids around me. These feelings only intensified as I entered my high school years. I didn’t understand where I belonged socially or spiritually, which led me down a path of seeking belonging and comfort in the arms of boyfriends who showed me attention. I desperately hoped I would find love and a sense of belonging through romantic relationships, and as a result, peace within myself.

At twenty-three, I became pregnant out of wedlock.  My relationship with my unborn baby’s father was falling apart, and I was filled with anxiety at how I was going to raise my unborn son alone and take care of our needs.

My parent’s entrepreneurial background gave me the courage to open a small hair salon in my hometown to take care of my son and my needs. With lots of hard work and long hours, my salon became a success. I proved to myself that I could start a business and provide for my family.

However, my personal life didn’t turn out so well.  I continued to spiral downwards on my emotional and romantic journeys. Throughout my twenties and early thirties, I suffered several more heartaches from dysfunctional romances, not to mention a traumatic divorce.

And as a result, I would often find myself wrestling with feelings of deep sadness, shock, survival, abandonment, anger, and shame.  Ultimately, I was suffering from PTSD, but at the time, I couldn’t begin to see it.

During the fall of 2010, I was set-up on a blind date with a wonderful man named Trent.  We dated for nine months, fell in love, and married in the spring of 2011. I believed my dreams of happiness for my son and I were finally coming true and that my past heartache was finally going to be behind me.

But as I have since learned, trauma cannot be healed by another, and after the birth of my beautiful daughter, my past unhealed trauma, my self-doubt, and my diminished self-love, which had spent all these years evolving deep inside me began to rise, rage and scream at me from the inside out.  It felt as if a part of me was desperately screaming at me to WAKE UP and BREAK FREE from my shattered soul. But at the time, I felt terrified that I was having a psychotic break and didn’t understand why.

I had finally found happiness, so why did I feel so upset and crazy inside?

My life once again began to mirror a broken image of my dreams.

I pleaded with God to give me answers as to why I had suddenly hit this emotional rock bottom. In my head, I had done everything right in working hard, healing my life, finding Trent, and carving out a happy life. I needed reasons as to WHY this was happening to me now! I was angry at myself, angry at God, and angry at life. But I knew all I wanted was to heal so I could feel genuinely fulfilled, happy, and at peace with myself and life.

This was my first intuitive realization.  I knew if I was going to have faith in God showing me how to heal, then I needed to be completely honest about all that was coming up for me, no matter how scary or ugly. I also needed to trust my own intuition wholeheartedly in the process, so I could stop making others’ opinions of me, my life, my beliefs, and my decisions more valuable than my own.

That day I CHOSE to have faith in God, showing me how to heal, and through my trust and action, I began one step at a time to understand my psychosis.

I realized my emotional breakdown came when it did, not DESPITE me being happy at last, but BECAUSE I was happy at could relax. When we are experiencing high trauma or stress, we are in survival mode, and we simmer down the trauma while we survive the war. But when the physical war is over, the emotional war rages on.

By finding calm and happiness in my daily life, it gave space for the trauma inside to manifest within me, demanding my attention. It had finally, after all these years, got the message through to me that I needed to address it, not numb over or ignore it. I had to get uncomfortable, dig down, and embody new principles and practices to heal.

So, that’s what I did, and over the last seven years, I’ve been on an incredible, transformational awakening journey.

I’ve experienced more miracles, joy, and understanding than I ever dreamed was possible.

My journey of healing and transformation hasn’t always easy, but it has been hands down, worth it, and filled with the most fulfilling and enlightening experiences of my life.

Today, I am completely healed of PTSD and live happily as a wife, momma, spiritual life coach, energy healing practitioner, and entrepreneur.

My heart and soul love, belong, and thrive in this field. I now offer my knowledge and support to you to help transform your life from the inside out so you, too, can manifest your dreams and live a life you truly love and deserve! Thanks for reading.

I’m thrilled you made it here!



Angie's professional Bio

Angie is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach,  Dream Builder Consultant, Energy Healing Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Hairstylist, and Entrepreneur of more than twenty years.

Angie has qualified training and certification in Mary Morissey Life Mastery Institute, Spirit Junkie I & II, Emotion Code Therapy,  Holy Fire II/Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher Training, Shamanic Empowerment Rites, Heart Centered Therapy, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, and Cosmetology in the state of Utah.

Angie’s been in the field of self-development for over twenty years and has practiced and taught as a spiritual life coach, teacher, and energy healing practitioner since 2015.

Angie’s passion and work is devoted to guiding motivated, heart-centered people to transform their lives from the inside out, so they can trust their inner power, manifest their dreams, accelerate their results, and live a life they truly love. 

What is a spiritual life coach

A spiritual life coach is a life coach who guides spiritual people to attain a deeper understanding of themselves, their higher power, and their life’s path and purpose. 

A spiritual life coach assists people with tools, principles and practices to heal limiting beliefs, attain a growth forward mindset, and how to work with the laws of the universe to attract a life they truly dream of.

A spiritual life coach encourages people to live an empowered life by helping them take full responsibility for themselves and their life and release any roles of being the victim.

If your interested in working with Angie as your spiritual life coach. You’ll need to be willing to deepen your connection with your higher power,  release and uplevel your limiting beliefs, learn new personal growth and mindset ideas, and take spiritually aligned action steps towards what you desire to create in your life.

What is energy healing

Energy Healing is a broad term for any therapy or modality that works to unblock and stimulate the energy flow within or around the body. A healthy flow of energy restores vitality, balance, and harmony to your multi-dimensional energy field, which is a combination of your body’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy.

Energy healing therapy helps you understand that you are much more than a human being in a physical body. You’re a spiritual being of love, light, color, and energy having a human experience.

When you understand the foundation of who you are, you can then apply various energy healing modalities to assist you in clearing your negative emotional imprints. Negative emotional imprints are blocks of stress and distortion in your body’s energy field stemming from past traumatic memories, negative or victim mindset, limiting beliefs, dysfunctional generational patterns,  and unhealthy social conditioning. 

As you work with an energy healer to release the negative imprints in your energy field.  Life-flowing energy pathways begin to flow more naturally and bring an enlightened awareness so you can more easily hear your intuitive guidance and take steps forward in co-creating a life you love with your higher self and the spirit of the Universe.

What is a dream builder consultant

Angie is a Certified Dream Builder Consultant by Mary Morrisey’s Brave Thinking Institute.

Angie coaches people through the Dream Builder Program by Mary Morrisey which is a proven, reliable, repeatable system that has helped tens of thousands of people transform their dreams into their reality.

As a Dream Builder Coach Angie helps you learn how to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential and power, and design and manifest a life that’s harmonious with your soul’s purpose, values, and dreams.

If you’re looking for an all in one system to learn how to transform your life from the inside out, manifest your dreams, accelerate your results, and live your best life, this coaching program, I assure you is the one you want.


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