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A Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Attunement Meditations

“The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the atonement for themselves.” ACIM

Spiritual attunements radically changed the way I see myself, my life, my past, and most importantly, my relationship with God.

I first learned about spiritual attunements in my reiki training class.

I was taught that the attunements were powerful and the most important part of the training.

But before I experienced the attunements for myself,  I didn’t understand what that meant or how transformative they would be for me.

When it was time for the attunement, the teacher would guide us to get in a comfortable position, play some soft music, read a meditative script, and then leave us for about fifteen minutes to have our own attunement experience.

Once the attunements began, I normally would feel a sensation of warmth, peace, and love come over my body. I would then begin to relax and my mind would be lifted to a higher state of consciousness where I could feel, see, or hear beautiful spiritual messages that would heal and bless my life immensely.

After the attunement was over, my teacher would encourage us to write and journal our experience.

It was in this practice, where I felt for the first time in my life, a direct connection to the Divine.

Beautiful and personal sacred messages would flow through me onto the page.  I knew in this moment, there was a power greater than me writing these sacred messages of love and compassion to me.

I would leave class feeling like I was on cloud nine.  I felt unconditionally loved and perfectly understood for the first time in my life.

I was amazed by the power, clarity, and enlightenment I received.

Over the years, I’ve had many different kinds of attunement experiences.

All of them have been beautiful and meaningful in there own ways.

I had one attunement experience though, where I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable during and after the attunement meditation.

I was left feeling confused and frustrated about why I had that experience.

Later I realized how profound that attunement was for me.

I was being guided to see some generational issues that needed to be healed so I could shift the pattern in my own life.

What I’ve learned from my own experience as well as hearing the experiences of many others.

Is that no matter what experience you have from your attunement, it will be a perfect experience for you, and there is meaning in it.

In this article, I will share with you what a spiritual attunement is, how an attunement is given, how the attunement works on a deeper level, and my tips for having the best attunement experience.


A spiritual attunement is a safe and powerful experience that is guided by spiritual consciousness and life force energy.

Spiritual consciousness is a universal term that has various names such as spiritual guidance, source energy, God, the third heaven, spirit, higher power, and so forth.

Life force energy is the universal life energy that surrounds and animates all living things.

Anything alive has life force energy circulating through it and around it; Anything that dies does not, the energy departs.

Spiritual consciousness and life force energy is the basis of all that is.

If your life force energy is low, or you have a lot of restriction in its flow, you most likely will not feel well, and you will be more vulnerable to sickness and disease.

If your life force energy is high or flowing freely, you will feel more alive, and you will be less vulnerable to sickness and disease.

A spiritual attunement is used to help you relax and be present so that you can attune yourself to the subtle stream of spiritual consciousness and life force energy flowing to you and around you at all times.

Another way of saying this is an attunement is used to help you relax and be present so you can attune yourself to the still small voice of God or spiritual wisdom and guidance flowing to you and around you at all times.

Things to remember;

  • Spiritual consciousness energy is always flowing to you.
  • It is the basis of all that is.
  • The voice of God or spiritual wisdom and guidance is within you.
  • It’s your job to learn to train yourself to attune to it.

An attunement will assist you in learning how to do this at an accelerated rate that is often difficult to achieve on your own.


A spiritual attunement is given by a spiritual teacher to a student through a spiritual guided meditation or a hands-on method.

However, it’s important to understand, the teacher and the meditation, are not giving you the actual attunement.

They are simply vessels and guides of the light, creating a sacred space for you to receive the spiritual consciousness and life force energy already flowing to you.

Something to remember;

It is always YOUR connection to the energy of spiritual consciousness that is giving you the attunement.


An attunement works with the understanding that everything is energy, including yourself.

Attune means to be accustomed to, adjust, or bring into harmony.

During the attunement, spiritual consciousness makes adjustments in your chakras, energy pathways, and the deeper parts of your consciousness so that you can be in tune with your intuitive guidance.

There are many powerful benefits to spiritual attunements, these include;

  • an increased ability to feel spiritual guidance within you
  • healing of personal problems
  • mental clarity
  • increased psychic sensitivity
  • and a deeper understanding of spiritual consciousness

Attunements can also start a cleansing process that affects your physical body, mind, and emotions.

This process can feel like a detox of toxins stored in your body from past limiting beliefs, trauma, and trapped emotions that are no longer useful to you.

Symptoms may include;

  • headaches
  • stomachaches
  • irritability
  • weakness
  • feeling tired
  • hungry
  • and aches and pains

If you have any of these symptoms after your attunement, you can know that the attunement is working and healing is taking place.

These adverse symptoms don’t happen to everyone. But if they happen to you, please know the symptoms typically don’t last very long.

Make sure you honor yourself by creating a period of adjustment time to get used to your new healthier conditions.

Also, make sure you get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and take the time you need to consider any changes you need to make for a healthier lifestyle.

Something good to know;

Most of the time, adverse symptoms happen during the beginning of your healing/spiritual journey.  This is because you are most likely clearing a lot of trapped emotions from your past.

Honor yourself and journey know matter what stage of healing you’re in.  It gets better and easier the more aligned and healthier you become.


  1. Find a time and space where you won’t be distracted for at least 30 minutes. You’ll want this extra time to relax and process your attunement.
  2. Make sure your hydrated, and use the restroom before the attunement.
  3. Eat something light before you begin. You don’t want to be hungry, but you also don’t want to overeat or eat something that will cause your tummy to be bloated or upset.
  4. Grab a blanket if you get cold easily or you like to the comfort of being snuggled in one.
  5. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine as straight as possible and your palms facing up on your lap. This could be sitting on a chair, on the floor, or on your bed.
  6. Say a personal prayer and tune in to the energy of your heart before, during, and after the attunement.
  7. Allow your connection to spiritual consciousness to take the lead during your meditation.
  8. Close your eyes and do your best to keep them closed during the length of the meditation.
  9. Focus on your breath at the beginning of the attunement to be in the present moment and relax your body and mind. 
  10. Allow your meditative experience to flow naturally.
  11. Do not judge what’s coming up for you. Allow yourself to be a passive observer of the process.
  12. Begin to train your mind to flow with the thoughts, visualizations, and feelings that feel good.  It’s normal for your mind to wander and have weird, random thoughts. Just gently keep bringing yourself back to your breath, the present moment, and the vibes that feel good.
  13. After the meditation is over, take time to integrate and contemplate your entire meditative experience. Notice the shift between how you felt before and after your attunement experience.  Think about what feelings, impressions, or visualizations stuck out to you.  Ask yourself what you think your spiritual consciousness is trying to say to you?
  14. Or free write your experience and impressions in a journal or notebook. Don’t overthink this part, just let your pen flow for at least five minutes. 
  15. Trust that if your attunement confused you in any way, spiritual consciousness will continue to answer those questions for you. Have faith in the process and continue to trust and act on your spiritual guidance.

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