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As your partner and spiritual life coach I will support you in creating a life you love by helping you get clear on what you desire, trusting in your own inner wisdom, and removing the blocks in your way.

your life and wellbeing are a priceless investment


In the summer of 2013, the course of my life drastically changed for the better. I faithfully surrendered to a spiritual path that has transformed me and my life on all levels. Now I want the same for you. I want you to have the emotional freedom to be who you really are, do what you love, and have the life you truly desire. I believe that no matter what challenges you’ve faced in your past, nothing but love will ever define you. You have the innate ability to connect to your inner wisdom, change your life, and impact the world in a way that only you can.  You and your unique gifts, abilities, and life lessons are exactly what the world is waiting for.

As your spiritual life coach, I will guide you to gain clarity on what you really want, how to connect and trust in your own inner wisdom, how to heal and overcome the emotional imprints and limiting beliefs of your past, and how to take aligned action steps to manifest what you truly desire.

I will share with you the exact teachings, ideas, and spiritual practices I used to heal and transform my life and continue to use to support my spiritual growth and personal development. I will not solve your problems for you, but I will guide you  to solve them on your own.

I will use my spiritual toolbox of teachings, meditative practices, Holy Fire Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing, and shamanic training to assist you in every session.

Whether you are seeking to manifest a big dream, a specific goal, looking for emotional/spiritual healing, or seeking general guidance, our relationship will evolve in a way that best supports you.

My coaching sessions are intimate, honest, and sacred. I promise to listen with compassion, understanding, and with 100% confidentiality.

I have been in the practice of spiritual life coaching and energy healing since 2015.  I have qualified training and certification as a Spiritual Life Coach, Holy Fire II/Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Emotion Code Practitioner, Shamanic Empowerment Rites, Heart-Centered Therapy, Spirit Junkie I&II, and  Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

My greatest training in life came from my own life experience. I’ve learned to get on the get on the other side of dysfunctional relationship patterns and heartache, family issues, trauma from personality disordered people, being a struggling single mother, PTSD, and finding my confidence as a spiritual life coach.

My life has taught me many valuable lessons, and now I feel inspired to share them with you.

Coaching sessions are conducted by phone, Zoom, or in person if you live by the SLC Utah area.  A three month coaching agreement is required because that gives you time to truly create change in your life. 

To work with me you’ll need to be willing to deepen your connection with your inner guidance and wisdom,  release and uplevel your limiting beliefs, learn new personal growth mindset ideas and practices, and take spiritually aligned action steps towards what you desire to create in your life.

If you feel we could be a good match working together than apply for coaching with me below.

Wishing you love, light, and blessings on your journey and I acknowledge you for showing up for yourself and your highest creative potential.  I’m here to support you!


angelica benson

Working with Angie was such an enlightening experience for me.  I felt I was in safe hands as she was working with me.  She was able to unlock trapped emotions that were holding me back from feeling like a good mom, wife, daughter, and friend. Angie is wise, gentle, and very intuitive.  I recommend Angie 100%

chantel nielson

My experience with Angie was incredible! She help me heal some issues from my past that I have worked on for years and honestly thought I had gotten past. I felt amazing right after the session and now when I think of that issue their is no hurt, only love! She is amazing and I highly recommend her work!

carmen chirinos

Angie is a true “earth angel”  and a gifted energy healer with a direct connection to the Divine.  I’m honored to call her my dear friend and always look forward to my healing sessions with her.


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